the net is an exciting new Australian original rock band based in Perth, Western Australia.


the net experience is driven by a powerhouse drum and bass rhythm section and is accompanied by 3 lead guitars that deliver the energy of heart-thumping rock with driving rhythm and screaming solos, yet soothing triple harmony melodies that captivate and take one on a theatrical musical journey.


With songs like ONE and WAR that lyrically have already captivated its live audiences, the net is set to ROCK THE STAGES.


the net deliver songs with purpose and meaning, songs about war, greed, deception, unity, religion, drugs, inspiration, end of days and even the excitement and adrenaline pumping atmosphere created by Top Fueler drag racing.


The debut single PARTY sums up the energy of the net ... Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night we're gonna party.


Come and check out the net live and let's PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY !!!